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I'm a person of few words normally, and can be quite shy, though I have my moments of being outlandish. Around friends, however, I'm in my true element.
I've been known to crack people up when they're down, and lift them up.
I've also been known for being the friend that throws the first punch when it comes to defending others.

I wasn't always strong, but now I can't help but let it influence the rest of my life. I used to think I had to be strong, to survive one more day. Though now, I see that my weaknesses, are also my strength, too.

Though I'm more mature-minded than I ever used to be, I haven't let go of my childish aura, and Imagination. That is something I hope to never let go.



Grown men who check out teenage girls make me physically ill.

Men that indicate how they are waiting for girls to turn 18 make me want to vomit all over them.





People being angry about ~dem gays~ on Target’s Facebook.

I just want to give my two cents on this and tell you a story.

A couple weeks ago, I was hired at Target. I have a job at Target. Not a big deal right?

It is a big deal because i’m a transman

It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that it’s hard for me, my brothers, and sisters to get a job. There are legal restraints regarding the job and if you don’t pass, it’s hard to be taken seriously at a job interview.

Right on the application, it asks what your preferred name is. It also asks if there is anything that target should know. I put the fact that I am a transman, expecting not to get a call because usually when you put that down, people will throw out the application. I got TWO interviews.

At the interview, they asked me about it. I told them I am on hormones and they told me that they didn’t care. Not in the sense that they don’t emotionally care, but that it didn’t matter. I was male and that’s all that mattered. They also told me that they give sex same couples benefits in states that do not recognize them as a married couple.

At my job orientation, I was not misgendered once. Even my supervisors who weren’t sure of my gender avoided pronoun use, which I found only happens when you’ve had pronoun training. They gave me a name tag with my preferred name and didn’t ask questions. I felt safe and respected, which is huge for a trans* person.

TLDR: Target is amazing not just for the LGB, but also the T. Shop there for the rest of your life.

Target are honestly doing retail so bloody right

I have never admired a shop more than in this moment


Look  at them eyes…how could one say no.


Feed Me - “Grand Theft Ecstasy”

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Honestly ignoring me is the worst thing you can do to me.


Applause (Empire Of The Sun remix) - Lady Gaga

I am jammin so fuckin hard right now.

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